It is the 10th of March, 2014 and I am hereby regaining control, order and responsibility of my life with this blog as my witness. Godspeed.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday night/Friday day) at midnight, until midday on the 24th, Ecuador is a dry country. That’s right, it’s election time and voting is mandatory so the consumption and sale of alcohol is now forbidden in the days leading up to, and for a few hours after, election day. No alcohol also means no […]

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this felt appropriate (just me?).

It’s been awhile. I wrote a long, detailed, and sad post about how it’s been since I got back from my, extended, winter break (spent in Buenos Aires, it was amazing and exactly what I needed) and then I thought I lost it, but I didn’t, but now I don’t know that I want to […]

November 17 2013 So, I just got backĀ  from my second weekend trip to Mindo. Yes, second. I have already been somewhere out of Quito/Cumbaya twice. This is just the beginning. With all the new international students due to arrive in January the cycle will continue. I have to say though, I don’t mind this […]

Study abroad is some weird shit y’all. If you’ve studied abroad, you know this. If not, you probably think I’m insane and/or I’m reinforcing a desire to never leave your country. Please don’t take that away from this, it’s just, being in a city or state or country fucks with you as much as you […]

You know you’re addicted to tea when someone offers and you don’t even stop to ask what kind before accepting. In other news, my latest tea is of the coca variety. Yes, coca is the plant that in another life, becomes cocaine. Needless to say, I won’t be bringing any home. But it’s supposed to […]